Toyota prius

5 euros connection charge, then 2,50 euro per kilometer.
Will you stay in the city? Then you pay no more than 10 euros per trip! 
Suitable for a maximum of four people.

Ford Transit

5 euros connection charge, then 2,50 euro per kilometer.
Suitable for a maximum of eight people.

Transported by someone else is a matter of trust. It is a high degree of care by selecting the right taxi. Taxi Jelle Leeuwarden is the best taxi service! With 15 years of taxi experience, a large satisfied customer base and as permanent Taxi Leeuwarden hospitality industry (like restaurants, cafes and hotels) is Taxi Jelle the right choice!

Do you need a Taxi during the evening/night in Leeuwarden? No problem. Taxi Jelle is 24/7 available. Just call our number and we’ll make sure that you’ll get to your destination as soon as possible.

Taxi Jelle will make sure that you have a comfortable, fast, safe, friendly and inexpensive ride to your destination.

We are your choice for more than 15 years TOP service.

24 hours a day, seven days a week;
Travel green and cheap in a Prius;
With a large group in a Taxi bus;
You can pay by card, apple pay, Google Pay or cash.

Taxi Jelle's Fleet

Taxi Jelle has comfortable and a clean fleet of transport, which will take you safely to your destination. Cars with high entry which is very pleasant for disabled people. Our taxi drivers are friendly and do everything in their power  to ensure you can be of the greatest service. If you have questions or need any help?

Ask this to our driver. He would like to help you. If you have a question now? Please don’t hesitate to ask by calling our number above.